Water Bottle Alternatives

Water Bottle Alternatives

What are some of the alternatives to bottled water?

There are a few alternatives to buying bottled water.  Bottled water has been called the biggest scam of the 21 century by many experts.  Critics claim that bottled water isn’t as healthy as just regular tap water.  However, recent tests on tap water coming out of the faucet have come back toxic (ie Flint Michigan Water Crisis). This has created a very confusing situation for consumers.

Some of the reasons not to buy bottled water are;

  • Price – usually $1 or more for a bottle
  • Lack of fluoridation – bottled water usually doesn’t contain fluoride, which is added to tap water to help teeth.
  • Waste material – most people don’t recycle their used water bottles, which are quickly filling up landfills

Some of the alternatives to bottled water can save you both time and money.  Drinking tap water is just as healthy, if not healthier than drinking bottled water.  If is usually as easy as getting a water bottle that can be reused.  They can be purchased at most store for around $10.

Another, inexpensive option, is to simply open your cupboard and grab a glass.

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